As an experienced developer partnership, we have the combined expertise to unlock the potential of this complex site, and deliver the following benefits for the local area and the Borough as a whole:

  • Much-needed new homes for Barnet, including at least 209 affordable homes
  • Regeneration of an underused brownfield site, helping to protect valuable greenfield and Green Belt land elsewhere in the Borough
  • New commercial/community space, responding to the needs and desires of the local community following public consultation
  • New public realm for residents and the wider community to enjoy, including a gateway garden, park plaza and green pedestrian access routes to create a transition with Victoria Recreation Ground
  • Retention of the existing tree line, as well as new landscaping and boundary treatments, creating a new park skyline integrating the development with the surrounding area
  • Circa £11m of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funding to be paid by Fairview and One Housing for investment in local infrastructure
  • Removing the existing overpass and replacing it with a new well-lit footpath at ground level, crossing under the railway line
  • A new coffee shop, following feedback from the local community
  • Creating a natural transition between the Victoria Recreation Ground, the development and the surrounding area

You can more information in our Submission Newsletter which you can view here.