Welcome to our consultation website for our emerging proposals for the redevelopment of Victoria Quarter, New Barnet. The site, a decommissioned gas works, was originally bought by ASDA in 2009 but has been left vacant for more than a decade. Although the site was previously granted planning permission in 2017, remediation costs due to the site’s past use, combined with changes in the housing market and rising construction costs, have made the existing consent unviable and undeliverable.

Moreover, since 2017 Barnet Council has been under increasing pressure to deliver greater levels of affordable housing. In 2017/18, only 17% of new homes delivered in Barnet were affordable, against a target of 35%. Therefore One Housing Group has now partnered with Fairview New Homes to bring forward a viable development that delivers more homes (and particularly affordable homes) than the now undeliverable 2017 consent.

We are still in the formative stages of these proposals and are committed to ongoing engagement with the public. We encourage you to take a moment to consider the information on this website, before leaving any comments or feedback.

Following this consultation we will review all feedback received and, where possible, will make alterations to the proposals as we continue to develop the scheme. We will also then be holding a further round of public consultation later on in the Spring, including an evening and a weekend session, ahead of submitting a formal planning application on our final proposals for redevelopment of Victoria Quarter to Barnet Council later this year.